Crystal Reports

Delivering crystal clear reports and statistics for hotels is our specialty.

ENIGMA, our business intelligence tool, created and owned by CrystalStat, is the focal point of our business with more than 50 reports designed for managers of hotels and groups of hotels to gain a thorough understanding of their business giving them visibility over their PMS stored data.

Here is what we can do for you

  • Seamlessly and automatically connect with your PMS database and pull all the required information for you.

  • Provide you with all possible reports related to your hotel's performance, allowing you to maximize your various revenue streams.

  • Automatically populate your existing Excel reports and have these reports delivered to you every morning after the night audit.

  • Grant corporate access to all the hotels of the group. Geographically spread or not, we can consolidate all your hotels in one report.

  • Accessibility Anywhere Anytime! and much more...

CrystalStat is your way to comprehensive data.